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As I become a mother, I discover the expansion of all the roles in my life, as a dancer, teacher, mother…. I Decide to put all my "masks" in one basket and pull out each image at a time.


This work is influenced by the movement behind the masks, and also refers to the inner voices we all have that bring out the different masks on our faces. Maybe the only way to remove the "masks" is by creating a true "hitbodedut" (conversation)  with god.


"Behind images of a mask", in lights our yearning for true happiness and true being without "wearing" any masks in our lives. This is probably by having full "Emuna" (belief) in God's will.


Behind images of a mask was created by choreographer Hannah Miron in 2010, and performed by 

Emuna Ben Gera, Chaya Shlomo, Rona Molcho and Hannah Miron.

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