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      A journey from one home to the other, from here to there,

visiting the private space of the 5 women and creating relationship that    reflects the struggle of going forward without letting go of the past  

Home and Longing 

      By Dorit Levi 

What experiences do we remember? Can we remember through our body or our emotions? Does a home have a meaning other than its structure? How can we contemplate the past and the future from inside the present time?

Many questions arose during the work on the piece "Home and Longing" The piece "Home and Longing" was created firstly through personal experience.  "I have a foggy memory of a picture of my past, but something in the picture remains clear in my new and deeper meaning. The details are connected to home, my family. Inside the big picture, it permeates within me and accompanies me on a personal journey of discoveries, empowerment, development, renewal and accepting.

Five women join me on my journey, through my personal home into their own homes.  Besides the personal expression of each woman, there is another level of the multi-layered experiences together. The dancers create relationships that reflect behavior in real life, which includes the desire to remember the past along with the need to continue and find our way into our daily routine." [Dorit Levi]

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