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The piece 'Mekuseshet' (Sacredly) was created by Yael Vazana-Haramati, former dancer of "Yaron Margolin" dance company.

In this piece, we try to touch the spiritual lives of a religious Jewish woman.

Each dancer created from her deepest thoughts and her own movement language a solo, and the piece was an eclectic outcome to each dancers interpretation to her doubts and conflicts in her religious life.


This piece brings out the journey through depuration, lighting Friday night candles, the battle of openness and covering, adolescence to feminity all touching the circle of Jewish woman's life.


Mekudeshet was premiered in 2008 in Bayit Vagan, Jerusalem, 

and performed by Chaya Shlomo, Hannah Miron, Michal Zarkon, Liat Pluck, Hila Aviv and Adi Grinfield


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