Many of HALELU Dance Company members are also working as Dance, Yoga, Pilates,  and Tai-Chi teachers all over Israel, alongside with being full-time mothers to their children.




Chaya was born in 1971 in Tel-Aviv, to parents who made "Aliyah" from Morocco. She took her first steps in ballet & point at the local dance school in her neighborhood and very quickly became a leading student. She participated each year in the professional summer course at"Bat Dor" school of Dance. 

Chaya majored in high school at sports and was trained by Maccabi team at floor gymnastics and competed all over Israel.

In her army service, Chaya was trained to be a sports commanders in paratroopers and sea force units. After completing her army service she traveled to India, learned Indian dance and mastered in yoga.

When she returned to Israel she began her academic dance studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance and was a professional dancer at Israeli folk dance company "Mechola".


During these years her journey towards Judaism started to sprout and she decided to leave her studies, and make her new way towards leading Jewish religious life. Chaya created a solo performance piece named "Mibsari Eloka" describing her spiritual way towards religion. 

Her production received enormous support and was a milestone in Israeli female- religious dance world. 

Her path from the secular dance world into her solo among the religious community gave her the drive to build "Hallelu dance school" for woman and girls in 2004 in Jerusalem. 

From this grew "Halelu dance company" -aspiring to give out the vision of the wholeness of the Jewish religious life and rituals through the art of dance.

CHAYA SHLOMO [director/dancer]

Hannah was born in London, the UK in 1976, she is a Professional dancer & ballet, contemporary and Pilates instructor. She is dancing, choreographing and co-directing "HALELU" Dance Company.

Hannah began her dance studies at Bat Dor dance school, Tel Aviv and passed with honors all R.A.D ballet exams S.A.D.T tap dance exams. She danced at Telma Yalin high school of Arts and took her GCES in Dance & French. 

After completing her IDF army service at the Ministry Of Defense she went back to dance at "Bicurey Haitim" dance school and decided to continue from there to take higher 

studies in dance at "Seminar Hakibutzim" College, where she received her B.E.D in dance and movement.

During these studies, Hannah took a dance workshop at "The Place", London and at "Menagerie Deverre", France. These global experiences made her decide to return to Israel and join the JDT Jerusalem Dance Theatre Company for 3 years.

As she was about to join a dance company in Israel, decided to look through the paths of her Jewish religion, and postpone her dance career for a while in order to study at a Beit Midrash for women.

Today she is married and mother of 3 children. She leads a religious life but has found back the way to live a Jewish religious life without giving away her biggest passion- to dance. 

HANNAH LEA MIRON [choreographer/dancer]

Born in Haifa, Israel (October 25, 1981), Adi grew up on Moshav Shorashim in the Galil. From the age of five, she had taken dance lessons and majored in dance in the Ulpana of Misgav High School, in combination with study reinforcement Ga'aton workshop.

 After graduation, she entered the army and served from 2000 - 2001 as a teacher sent from the army to an at-risk neighborhood. Adi continued dancing and teaching dance during this time period.  After the army, she traveled around the world, concentrating on India.

In the years 2002-2004 she was learning at Bikorei Heetim Dance Center, Tel Aviv – classical, modern and improvisation classes. taking part in fringe dance-theater projects, dreaming to learn at P.A.R.T.S school, Brussels.

But the plans for her from up were different. In a vacation at South-beach, Miami, she met her husband and started a long process of approaching to religion.

In 2005 Adi came back to Israel, learned at a seminary of religion studies and got married at the end of the year.

In the years 2006-2008 she was Studying diploma of restricted movement on behalf of WinGate College.

At present Adi has 4 wonderfull kids, she is the owner of a neighborhood newspaper and dancing at Halelu dance company.

ADI ASHURI [dancer]


Emuna was born in Upstate New York. She began dancing at the age of 3. She completed a B.F.A. in modern dance performance from the State University of New York at Purchase, Conservatory of Dance, including a year abroad in which she attended the Amsterdam School of Dance in Holland.

She was a founder/dancer/ choreographer in "Unexpected Company", which received a Puffin Grant for their project that combined dance classes, community work and culminated in performances.

Emuna participated in the New York State Summer School of the Arts under the direction of Carolyn Adams, the Bates Dance Festival, and the Glenwood Springs Dance Festival, and has performed with the Kaleidoscope Dance Theater under the

direction of Sean Mcleod.

In her career, Emuna has been fortunate to work with the choreographers, Linda Kent, Ruth Andrien, Carolyn Adams, Sondra Loring, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sean Mcleod, Kevin 

Wynne and Doug Varone among others.

In Israel, Emuna taught modern dance at Halelu and the Emek Hayarden Dance Studio among other classes. 

In 2000 she traveled to India to learn yoga, where she met her husband, and together they began a spiritual quest that ultimately led them back to Judaism.


Today, Emuna is a mother of 6, enjoys performing with Hallelu, and teaches yoga at Elima Alternative Medicine School, in the Teacher Training Course as well as a guide for the Fertility Awareness Method. 


RONA MOLCHO [dancer]


Rona was born in Jerusalem. She started dancing at a young age when she won a scholarship for ballet training. In the age of 16, she was accepted to the Israeli Ballet company and had moved on her own to live in Tel Aviv, and was staring at a young ballerina in "The Nutcracker" and more.

At 21, Rona had the need to be free from the pointe shoes, and she started to dance in Tamar dance company for one year, and then she moved to New York where she was dancing for choreographer Ohad Naharin and in the Donald Bird dance company.

Later on, Rona was invited by Ohad Naharin who was selected to manage the Batsheva Dance company in Israel, to join the company. She eventually accepted the offer and joined Batsheva, and danced in many famous performances by Ohad Naharin and other international choreographers.


After five years Rona left Batsheva and began to dance in different productions, theater dance, and opera, and also created her own choreographies for Curtain Up dance festival and children productions.  


But she felt something was missing, and in a search for deeper meaning, she slowly found her way into her belief. Today Rona combines Yoga and

Thai-chi along with dancing in Halelu, and finds the path of combining her spirit and body through faith and movement.



Liron started learning dance in Bat-Dor Dance School, Tel Aviv and graduated from High School with a major in dance. After graduation, Liron performed with the company "Muza" and continued with different courses in the "Bicori Itim Center", as well as continuing in New York at Steps, Dancespace and Broadway Dance Center.

In addition, Liron earned a B.ed from the Academia for Dance in Jerusalem and the Wingate Institute. She has taught in numerous dance centers and schools throughout the country, as well as organizing a school for dance in Tel Aviv.

Liron finished her Master's degree in choreography in the Academia in Jerusalem.

Today, Liron lives with her family in Bnei Brak, teaches dance and trains dance teachers in a variety of institutions in the religious and orthodox world, as well as dancing with the Hallelu dance company.   

Merav grew up in the village Yavniel, next to the Sea of Galilee. While in high school in Tiberias, she majored in physics, and after school studied dance in the Emek HaYarden regional dance studio. Merav served in the Israeli Army in Tzrifin, and during her service, she continued her dance studies at the "Bicori HaItim" and "Bat Dor" dance schools.

After the army, Merav was accepted into the "Kol Dmama" Dance Company, Tel Aviv, under the direction of  Moshe Efrati. During her 5 years in the company, she was part of dance pieces performed in Israel and throughout the world. At the same time, Merav studied Art and Education at Tel Aviv University.

After leaving the company, Merav continued her studies and earned a B.A. in Psychology, and in her ongoing search for meaning in life, found her way back to Judaism. After becoming religious, Merav married a musician who also becomes religious, and they have 4 children.

Merav is very grateful to have found Halelu Dance School. After completing the teacher training course in ballet, modern dance and choreography at Halelu, she teaches ballet and modern dance at Halelu as well as other dance schools.  Merav performs with Halelu Dance Company, teaches workshops and performs with the Theatrical Group "Psifas".

MERAV BIVAS [dancer]

Sarah Bracha-Merav is a mother of four, born in Jerusalem, raised by parents who found religion, artistic, painters. From early age Sarah Bracha studied ballet, modern dance, and contact improvisation in the dance school managed by Shoshi Broyda. She was discovered to be one of the talented dancers and became a member of the teacher staff. 

Bracha Sarah was taking part in the fundametal pieces by Shosi Broyda; "caffee hafuch", "mepil veachbar". etc.

She attended further education programs with the leading dance and choreography teachers in Israel.

SHAKED DAGAN [choreographer]

Born in the north of Israel, Shaked had been working as a dancer and creator since 2008. As a professional dancer, she worked for Dance Companies and freelance choreographers, such as Batsheva Dance Company, Muza Dance Company, Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group, and Independent international choreographers and projects.

Shaked had presented her works, investigating various constellations and performative mediums throughout the last decade. She created stage pieces, dance films, and improvisation based works. Shaked collaborated with artists of different disciplines, and Her works were performed internationally in dance Festivals and various stages, galleries, screenings, and alternative site-specific locations. Shaked is the recipient of the American-Israel scholarship (years 2002, 2004, 2005), the Yehoshua Rabinovitz foundation for arts grant winner (2009, 2015) in support of her creations, and was elected for artistic residencies in Israel and abroad.


Shaked had created two full-evening pieces for Halelu dance company ("the six days of deeds", and "seventh encirclement"), which are still performed nationwide. 


DORIT LEVI [choreographer]

A graduate of BA in dance and MA in choreography from the Academy of Music and dance, Dorit has a dance pedagogy certificate and she teaches contemporary dance and prepares dance students for their final high school dance exams. Dorit teaches contemporary dance methods in branches of the Washington Hill college, and Wingate college. Dorit is an examiner of final exams in dance for high school and dance pedagogy students in the dance academy, she creates choreographic works for HALELU Dance Company, and is a choreographer and dancer.